18 volumes of chromakey backdrops 9000 images +software


18 volumes of chromakey backdrops 9000 images +software

18 volumes of chromakey backdrops 9000 images +software

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On Sale!! Has been selling for $39.95, for a limited time. I will be offering the entire set for just $29.95 ! ! !Sorry for all the pictures. This is an absolutely huge collection of backdrops. These samples represent a very small sampling of some of the styles.

It has 18 volumes on 3 data dvd's. When they were sold individualy, it would take 18 cds to hold all of these. They were usually sold in sets of a few cds for $24.99 per set
That's over 9,000 images on dvd's Plus there is a free chromakey PC program included.

Set 1 - 3 Volumes "3000 backdrops and backgrounds for chromakey"
Set 2 - 6 volumes "large .tiff backdrops"
Set 3 - 3 volumes "3cds of new backdrops"
Set 4 - "Vectors - Frames, embellishments and overlays"
Set 5 - 6 volumes "over 4,000 new art fantasy and nature backdrops"
More in depth descriptions of each set below.

Set 1
This is a huge collection of digital backdrops and backgrounds .
It contains 3 sets in one convenient package
That is over 3,000 images and at a lower price than if purchased separately.
They are in JPG format, and sizes on average range from 1280x960 up to 3600x2400

These jpg files are smaller files than the .tifs but they are still high quality, great resolution and perfect for any photographer amateur or professional that wants to be able to add quick realistic backgrounds. There's something for everyone. Of course that also means there will be some among them that won't suit your needs, But with such a huge and varied collection, there will be lots that will. Most are suitable for portraits. A person in front of them would look natural. Some are not.. The space series, and close-up series for example are more suited for someone that wants to have some fun with photoshop and see themselves in space, skydiving or 5 inches tall standing in the palm of a hand.

Below is a very small random sampling of some of the categories. There are other categories in this set also.
~~ CD 1 ~~


Forests and Trees

Mountains and Valleys


Snow and Ice

Foreign Lands

Other Misc.

~~ CD 2 ~~
Abstract and Computer Generated

Misc. Buildings

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Military Vehicles




~~ CD 3 ~~

Beaches, Oceans etc.

Castles and Cathedrals

Close-ups. Mostly of flowers and plants, a few others also.

Country Settings, Cabins etc.

Covered Bridges and Covered Bridge Festival




Rural Southern United States

Waterfalls and Streams

Trains and Train Tracks

Western United States

Set 2 - 6 volumes
390 images
These digital backdrops are high quality .tif files. Most are sized 2400 x 3000 or larger.

Volume 1 - Drapes/Muslin style backdrops
Volume 2 - Walls, brick walls and canvas drapes
Volume 3 - Holidays, Nature, Music
Volume 4 - Christmas
(around Christmas time, this one sells for as much as the entire set is currently listed for)
Volume 5 - Abstract, Colors, Lights
Volume 6 - Urban European

This is a small sampling of the backdrops that you will receive.

There is also a nice selection of horizontally aligned backdrops.

There are also themed frames and scenes for major holidays such as birthdays, Valentines, Easter, Independence day or 4th of July and Christmas
Some are backgrounds for portraits, others can be used as templates for quick and easy holiday cards.

Set 3 - 3 volumes
This set includes:
Classic Styles; Drapes, Fabric panels, Bricks and Stone.
Great for regular portraits, school pictures, glamour or beauty models etc.

Bright lightburst, Machinism , and modern
Good for regular portraits, bands or music themes. Machinism is also good for glamour models.

The folders on the cd's along with the image sizes are
1 patterns - 26 images , light and modern sized 5175 x 3375
1 textures - Wood, Cloth, Leather, Stone; 100 images 3750 x 3000
2 textures - cloth, stone, general textures 24 images 4368 x 2912
Machinism - 100 images sized 3566 x 2794
2 patterns - Light, Starburst, modern etc 312 images sized 2950 x 2094
Abstract - mixture of clor swirls and color lines. sizes from 2000 x 1500 up to 9000 x 4500
Brick Walls - 16 images; sizes from 1693 x 2163 up to 3223 x 3207
backdrops 1 - traditional muslin, cloth , fabric, panels etc. 52 images 2000x3000
misc - 45 images that didnt quite fit anywhere else or that wound up a different size due to editing
3 patterns - light, colors, color fade panels; 80 images 1920 x 1200
4 patterns - 21 images a little smaller but still good for anything except enlargements 1600 x 1200
(originally created as possible backgrounds for a cd cover)

Set 4 - Vectors
600 Vectors Overlays as AI files (for Adobe Illustrator) Unlike a backdrop that would be layered behind a subject. These go over a portrait or backdrop as a decoration or accent.

Also for laying over a photograph or subject. The part that looks white here is transparent and allows the picture to show through.
But you can use it as a backdrop too just by making it the bottom layer. You can also lay it over a solid color or different background to creat a new backdrop.

Frames can also be used over a photo or over a second image or color to create a custom backdrop.

More traditional backdrops. but in .eps and .ai (vector) formats

Set 5 - 6 volumes
This set Has several sets of images that require more work than the other sets. But the finished project is great because of it.
Instead of just pasting someone onto it, you may have to darken the original or shoot it in a way that matches the backdrop. The sets that I'm referring to are pretty self explanatory just by their names. Hazy shades, Vibrant colors, dark, Fantasy/Cgi/animation They can create some great shots with a little imagination and effort.
The sizes in this set are good for any digital work and standard prints such 4x5 or 5x6 but are not intended for blown up enlargements.

Hazy Shade

An old look - designed to create pictures that look old or retro such as from an old family album or an old postcard


Another old set. No replacing the background though. Keep your background and just age the whole thing.


Fantasy Cgi and animation.



Vibrant Hues





More Roads




Sunrise and Sunsets



Graphics - Non backdrop graphics

Here are some answers to the most common questions, but feel free to write me anytime with any questions you have. I'll be happy to answer them for you.

1. What is Chromakey? - according to wikipedia - Chroma key is a technique for mixing two images or frames together, in which a color (or a small color range) from one image is removed (or made transparent), revealing another image behind it.
In other words, It allows you to replace the original background with a new custom one.

2. Do I need a greenscreen? - No, If you are a pro, you may want to get one to look more professional. But you can usually get results just as good by using a bedsheet and even just a solid color wall. Then you can use your photo software to remove that color. Even if its a natural background with lots of different colors and objects, you can still cut out the person by hand. Most every program has a tool for cutting , trimming or cropping. You can go around the person with it and cut them out, and then paste them onto the new background. This method may take about a minute per image where the other way is instant but they both can get good results.

3. Do I need special software? I include a free chromakey program for Windows/PCs with this order. But you can also use most photo viewing or editing software. A lot of my customers say they use Photoshop and that its really good. I have used Paint Shop Pro and Photosuite and they both worked fine as well. As long as you can cut, crop or trim an image, it should work. If the program has a color selection tool, then its even easier.

Any questions not covered here? just click on the link at the top to "ask seller a question" and I'll get right on it.

I am an individual photographer and graphic designer. I will work to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.
I ship all orders the next day unless the post office is closed that day.
All orders are shipped in a padded protective mailer. If for any reason an item ever arrives damaged, let me know.
I will send a replacement right away, no other charges, no new shipping charge.
If you break or lose a dvd, weeks after you ordered, or years after you ordered, let me know and I'll resend the files electronically through email or download.I will gladly ship to foreign countries, but international shipping does take much longer to arrive than U.S. orders.

This is an introductory price which will have to go up before too long. Shipping is $1.99
Thank you very much


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